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It is the mission of RCA Associates, Inc. to provide quality biological and environmental services to our client’s by maintaining transparency through the proficiency and competency of highly trained professional staff built on a foundation of ethics and integrity while striving to preserve natural resources for future generations.


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Species of the Mojave Desert

There is an abundant amount of species of the Mojave desert.  Below we talk about some of the more common species that roam this California desert.

Species Spotlight: The Burrowing Owl

The burrowing owl is a small owl found in North and South America.  Burrowing owls can be found in several habitats such as grasslands, desert areas, and open dry areas.  They nest and roost in burrows, hence their name.  Like most owls, burrowing owls do their hunting from dusk until dawn.

Endangered Species in California

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, there are 301 threatened or endangered species in California.  Below is a partial list of  mammals in California that are endangered.